Quality of the events and Customer satisfaction is very important for us. We cant grow without keeping you happy. We do take care of making your weekend enjoyable and memorable. 

But there are few things not in our control, for example:
1. We trek in places where roads are not good, we can't take bigger (comfortable) bus, we are often forced to travel in Tempo Travellers, that too many vendors don't agree to send their vehicles to most of the destination due to the quality of the road. If you have any feedback related to the vehicle and comfort during the drive, we understand that your disappointment. But please consider we are helpless sometimes.

2. Delayed pickup: We are dependent on a third party vendor for vehicles, it happens that sometimes vehicle starts late from vendors office or get delayed due to road traffic. As of now we have tried to reduce the delay time to below 30minutes but very few times it can get disappointing. Whatever is the delay we will make it up and make sure that doesn't degrade your overall experience.

3. After you are back from the weekend getaway with us, you felt the price of the trek/event was too high: It always happens that Rs. 3000 trek sounds costly to few people. But be assured that BMC always makes sure that Adventure and trekking reaches to common man and we are among "value of money" service providers. A simple calculation of our expenses (Transport, Accommodation and Food at the destination you are travelling to, permissions, equipment, well-qualified trek instructors, and the cost of back office activities.)  will make you realise that we are actually a "value for money" Adventure Tour provider. 

4. Our trek delayed due to some slow movers on the trek: Trekking with a group is a social activity and we have to help each other during difficult times. Our instructors make sure that they are helping weak participants or slow movers. Imagine if you sprain your ankle! 

5. The facilities at the destination was very lousy: While we try our best to have atleast basic facilities, few trekking destination has no restrooms, no proper bedding, we sometimes have to sleep in one big room in our sleeping bags. Its all part of the adventure. Today you might have complaints about this, but once you become regular trekker, you will start accepting such a rawness.

6. We had to detour, cancel the trek: Heavy rain, Wildlife movements, Permission issues, local issues or any force majeure are out of our control - for the safety of the group we have to take on the spot decision which might not be in favour of individuals. Our trek leaders are highly experienced and they will try to execute Plan B to make sure you are safe as well as not totally unsatisfied. 

7. Your instructors act strict or rude at times: Our instructors are aware that you are with them to experience fun and adventure, its their duty that you go back with good memories. Much higher responsibility of our instructors/trek leaders is your safety, even if its against your wish. Going away from the group, climbing unsafe rock without calculated risk and proper equipment, not following code of conduct, trying extra adventure without observation of instructors is highly discouraged and our instructors are allowed to get rude with respective person. Things like consumption of alcohol, littering the trek route, misbehaving or making co-trekker uncomfortable has ZERO tolerance in BMC. If you take these points in positive manner, you will feel much safer with BMC, and that's the reason why we get 30-40% girls participation on an average and most of them join alone. 

Regardless of any of our excuses, feel free to shout out your grievances, we will work on it. We will also work on fixing your degraded experience in some way.